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WAKE UP!!!!!


Life is much more than what we see in our everyday lives. The majority of Humans are living an actual conscious dream, "American Dream" if you will. At some point we have to wake up as a society, and create our own pyramids and hieroglyphs. Don't let life pass you by cause you refuse to.....WAKE UP!!!

They got dreams to succeed but never achieve Because they can't Wake up

They heart broken at the job they love because they got a pay cut

I guess they couldn't
Wake up

Seeking jobs instead of careers but settle for less cause they opportunities ain't near
Wake up

Giving up hope cryin tears instead of grinding to beat the alarm up
muh fuggas betta
Wake up

Niggas loving on one chick not knowing that she loving plenty dick y'all niggas betta
Wake up

Females ready to fall in quick
But Thank its okay to get called bitch
Bitch you betta

Wake up

We all fucked up in the game

Somebody should feel ashamed
And make moves for a change
Wake up

This life shit was made easy but it's hard to live a conscious life while you dreaming

Somebody tell em'
Wake up

Malik Green