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Wisdom From Unknown Source...


I was walking along the canal when I came upon the obvious; I am alone in this world. I choose the truth or the lie. Reality is truth. The present , this moment, is where truth dwells, lives, resides, is. Anything outside this moment is not truth. It is fantasy. Is it insane to dwell outside this moment? That which tries to persuade us to be outside this moment, is it in fact giving us bait to persuade us to go into insanity. The bait can be anything from an attractive person to a plan for later. How many of us except this bait, leave reality, the present and go into fantasy. I was once asked if it is all right to look at a pretty woman? The answer is yes. It is not right to go into a fantasy about her, now or later. A simple awareness of that person and then the continuation of the task at hand, is what life in really is. Being outside the moment is crazy, is it not? Where do you want to be? We see people being mental , by walking into things or driving into or over things, just at those moments when we make those things we can call mistakes or accidents.

Mistakes and accidents are the punishment we get from being in our heads, (also known as as being mental). These are wake up moments. If we say in the present moment, concentrating on the the task at hand and rejecting distractions and illusions, would there be problems? It has been often said that”you have to look out for the next guy”. If we stay in the present and do what we know is right, Then wouldn't that take care of “the next guy”? A person once said “today is one of those days”. Would it be fair to say that on that day that person chose a different attitude? That person's attitude is chosen and blamed on what has happened earlier. How can what happened earlier influence our day and attitude in this moment? Is it because we want to blame and dwell in the past? How can you blame when you choose what you want to be? What if something undesirable happened and we chose not to let it affect our day and attitude? It's our choice. We live the life we choose. 

Don't like how it's been? Then choose to change yourself and do what you know is right. Hate and anger comes from the rejection of the truth or reality. For if we did what we know is right, how can we be hateful or angry? Maybe we are hateful or angry because we hate the truth, the present and by doing what we know is wrong. To do right or to do wrong? It's my heaven or my hell, it's my pick. I don't want to pay anymore. Do you? Choose your life. If you want a beautiful life, do what you know is right.

-Unknown Wisdom