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High Power Idioms


Every HEAVENLY BODY must do the knowledge and make decisions while move through their perceived path of life. Free will to utilize their powers if consciously knowing they are directly adjacent with the universe. Simply by consciously showing and proving righteousness actions and reactions to add on, as well as taking away while taking the best part. Taking the best part out of anything while adding on is showing and proving that only righteous creations will begin to manifest its self. Whether or not these creations are self-knowing as to why they were created, or if the manifestation is not utilized according to the creators intentions of creating such things, it is not for the creator to arbitrate in FULL. With that being said, while moving through ones path, self must create all of the above points within self to maintain vertical growth on their square. The foundation built on the purpose you created for yourself and the creations you manifested around you.

I've continued to have visions for sometime of myself speaking to the masses of people. As I peer into the crowd, many of the masses hear me, others are fond by my statue, but do not understand my oration in full. They are grasping the feel of a righteous delivery, but refuse to inhale and digest the rhythm of my sound, and the arithmetic on how I made my way from 1-0, and back to 1 and any combination I wish to apply while attempting to make them understand. I deliver in such simplicity, but still, I can tell they have awoken to a maze of a certain method to search for truth and they have forgotten to just climb over the maze. As I watch them through the maze, they become discouraged. Some stand in corners like adults digressed back to children in time out, some war with each other over dissatisfaction on which way to go. Some take the vow of acceptance and just quit the maze race and set up pilgrimage. Then I glance, I see a group that has all characteristics, dissatisfaction, feeling of being discouraged, and some that question if accepting the maze is fate. But there is a leader with them and he guides them through the maze. He encourages the discouraged, he and his majesties create compromise between the dissatisfied, and they convince the questioners that all the land is ours, but more awaits us. Fearless leader, well respected, never abused his power, always gave the option to those who chose other WISE, to do otherwise. The more and more corners he turned, the more and more progress he made, I saw more and more of the maze began to create wicked things against him. Until one day the masses turned a corner and disappeared.

Malik Shabazz Green