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Victor of RWS - Carl Nelson with Mark Anaheim & Dick Gregory - On Orlando Shooting, Elections & Organ Trafficking


This past weekend has sadly brought another gut wrenching tragedy in "so-called" US history to life. The Orlando Shooting at Pulse Nightclub, has depicted an all-too-familiar narrative in our minds. Despite the picture the media may paint, one must not be aloof to the fact that there are always two-sides (some would argue three) to a story, and more times than often, more details to the story than what the people of the world are told. We all must strive to grow, understand and embrace the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Always in constant motion throughout our daily lives, we have to make the effort to question and investigate these causes that in this case create devastating events that are becoming all too common place.

But ask yourself what are the TRUE roots behind these types of acts? Is it really ISIS? Is it hate? All questions that have answers if we expand and  apply our minds beyond face value.

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Carl Nelson talking live on 13 June 2016 to Mark from Anaheim and Dick Gregory on O.r.l.a.n.d.o-s.h.o.o.t.i.n.g, G4S, Indiana (birth place of KKK), brexit, (Britain leaving EU), body part trafficking, marines (modern day pirates), donald trump tweet and OJ simpson, cancellation of elections, upcoming civil war,.