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Victor of RWS - Carl Nelson with Neely Fuller on White Supremacy, God Complex and Manufactured Hate


The current collective state of the World is most evidently a tone of negativity, hatred, and pain. But why has this been the reality for centuries before our current time, yet no progress or change has been made? We must all dig deeper, and face reality and question the current conditions of the Planet and who has perpetuated it to be this way. Do you know who runs the Planet? We hear the daily propaganda of the elite Illuminati members that are pushing the buttons on everything we do perpetuated through entertainment and media outlets, but what about the notion and ideas of White Supremacy? What are the beginnings of White Supremacy and who does it effect? We almost never hear of this in news and media but why? Because we are blinded to the facts [in plain sight] purposely in order to keep a certain race of individuals on the Planet in power and control.

Nelson's interview with Neely Fuller is very insightful in the way that Fuller doesn't hold back in expressing the REAL FACTS about White Supremacy, genesis of racism, the manufactured hatred towards all skin hues, "The System," and why it is even the reality that we live in.

How do you see the World? Are you in control of your World? How can you effectively change your World?


Neely Fuller jr talking to Carl Nelson on 1 June 2016 on preserving endangered species, god complex, roman gods, harambe, god of white supremacists, 9mm luger/p-38 pistol, AK-47 assault rifle, genesis of racism, manufacturing hatred, purpose of civil war, chinese people, meaningless titles, logic (cause and effect), and