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Pokemon Go is a CIA Sponsored Psy Op


Pokemon Go is a CIA Sponsored Psy Op


By Mike Adams | Natural News

Editor’s Note: “You gotta catch ’em all” is how the Pokémon tag line and song goes. It seems that our government has taken that to mean more than imaginary creatures. They have used our taxpayer dollars to sponsor the game in order to catch us all (or at least what we are saying and doing at any moment) while we, or our children, are playing the game. Rights to privacy go out the window with this game (just as it does with the overreaching requirements of pretty much any cell phone application), but this game can even share your data with private companies or individuals. Plus any user of this game is becoming effectively a CIA spy, and traveling at his or her (or a parent’s) expense, wherever the game takes them, without being paid. And does the CIA get paid back from the profits on this game since they sponsored it through a front company? Does that money go back into government coffers to benefit American citizens? Questions abound. Check out this great article from Mike Adams.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, the new “hybrid reality” mobile app game that overlays real world geographic locations with virtual monsters that are collected for points.

What you may not yet know is that the game was actually developed by a CIA-funded software front group for the purpose of using all the mobile device cameras of the brain dead public to conduct what I call “mass redundant surveillance” of any area requiring immediate video documentation by the CIA or NSA. It’s essentially a CIA spying machine pretending to be a game.

To accomplish citizen-assisted spying, the game’s puppet masters simply plop a virtual monster into any desired surveillance location, and hoards of totally brain dead apocalyptic zombie humans instantly converge on the scene, all pointing their mobile cameras at the virtual “monsters” so they can earn their virtual “points.” (See bizarre photos and video below…)

As this is happening, the video from selected players’ cameras is being streamed to the CIA in real time, along with precise GPS coordinates of the players’ locations. The more people the CIA wants to converge onto an area of interest, the higher the monster value they place at that location. As these photos show, when high-value monsters appear in such locations, hoards of Pokemon players rush to the scene via bicycles, taxis, automobiles and even on foot… all pointing their cameras at the high-value target and upstreaming real-time video to the CIA.

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