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Black History - The Colored American Magazine


Black History - The Colored American Magazine


The Colored American Magazine was the first American monthly publication that covered African-American culture. It was among the most important early twentieth-century American periodicals and among the first general magazines addressed to a middle-class African American readership. The magazine ran from May 1900 to November 1909.

Pauline Hopkins, its most prolific writer from the beginning, was the editor from 1902 to 1904, though her name was not on the masthead until 1903.

In 1904, Booker T. Washington, in a hostile takeover, purchased the magazine and replaced Hopkins with Fred Randolph Moore (1857–1943) as editor.

Recently, beginning around 1996, after the rediscovery of 20 letters in the Pauline Hopkins Collection at the Fisk University Library, scholars show that Hopkins sensed that Freund had conspired with Booker T. Washington replace her as editor — to quell her outspokenness on racial matters, which in that era, was a prevailing taboo in the minds of many whites. Freund, a white man, and Washington, an African American man, prevailed against Hopkins, an African American woman. 

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